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As seen in "Revenge of the Sith," Master Yoda wielded his lightsaber against Darth Sidious for the final time. In the senate chamber, Master Yoda engaged Sidious in combat with the goal of killing him. Darth Sidious, however, had become more potent than before. Master Yoda gave it his all, yet he was unable to destroy Sidious. Somewhere in the senate chamber, Master Yoda's lightsaber dropped, forcing him to flee.

We last saw Master Yoda using a lightsaber at that point. As shown in the first three films, he hid on a tropical world and remained there for many years before training Luke Skywalker. After training Luke, Master Yoda passed away on the same planet. But Master Yoda's lightsaber's secret was never made public.

So what happened to Master Yodas Lightsaber?

This question seems to be addressed by a number of canon and legends-based ideas. We are aware that none of the films provided an explanation for Master Yoda's lightsaber. So let's look at the hypotheses to learn the truth behind Yoda's lightsaber's demise.

[Master Yodas Lightsaber]

The Shoto lightsaber is a special kind of lightsaber that Master Yoda wielded. It was green with a cylindrical hilt. A tiny hilt and blade are features of Master Yoda's lightsaber look. The Shoto lightsaber was primarily utilized by Jedis of tiny racial sizes.

Both the prequels and the Clone Wars included several lightsaber appearances by Master Yoda. Yoda the Master was a formidable Jedi. In the Clone Wars film series, he often fought Sith lords like Count Dooku and even Sidious.

A brilliant Jedi's distinctive lightsaber will never be forgotten. Let's investigate the rumors surrounding Yoda's lightsaber.

[Did Master Yoda Keep it to Himself?]

Master Yoda allegedly kept his lightsaber to himself. He selected his lightsaber before fleeing after falling to Sidious. He then fled to a planet and hid there. The enlightened Jedi Master Yoda upheld the Jedi Code to the letter.

He was never a fan of violence and sought to resolve issues amicably. He seldom ever used his lightsaber, not even while he was a Jedi Master in the Republic.

He therefore had no need to use his lightsaber after hiding on the planet. No one on this world was an enemy. Plus, he disliked using a lightsaber in the first place. He thus stored his lightsaber in a box in his cabin. Although this hypothesis makes reasonable, there is no established evidence to back it up.

When we discovered a Canon explanation from the comic books, this notion was abandoned. Let's examine what this official justification had to say regarding Master Yoda's lightsaber.

[Did Yoda's lightsaber get destroyed by the Empire?]

The fans were both pleased and unhappy when Master Yoda's lightsaber appeared in a Darth Vader comic. This comic informed us that the Empire slain every Jedi's lightsaber. The majority of the 10,000 Jedis that were defending the galaxy were slaughtered by Order 66. The Empire gathered all of the lightsabers, started a large fire, put all of the lightsabers into the flames, and finally extinguished all of the lightsabers.

The graphic made it clear which one of them was Master Yoda's lightsaber. Yoda's Shoto lightsaber was taken from the Senate by Mass Ameda, Darth Sidious' right-hand man, and thrown into the flames.

The Yoda lightsaber's Kyber crystal inside the hilt generated a spectacular eruption of color. The lightsaber had vanished, as shown by the green explosion.

It was acknowledged as canon that this narrative existed. However, the "Book of Boba Fett." series provided a different response, and this response is the genuine response as it is depicted in the official television series. It's possible that Dave Felloni revised the canon tale after fixing all the mistakes he found. It was ultimately made clear that Master Yoda's lightsaber was not destroyed in the "Book of Boba Fett." series.

[How Did Yoda's Lightsaber Get to Luke?]

All of the fans are perplexed by the Star Wars tale. According to a canon comic, the lightsaber was obliterated. We learned that Luke possessed Yoda's lightsaber from other canon TV shows. What actually occurred, then? Although there isn't a conclusive response at this time, I believe we should return to my first hypothesis.

Before escaping from Sidious, Master Yoda grabbed his lightsaber and kept it to himself. On that secret world, Master Yoda passed away, and Luke, who was undergoing his training, seized his lightsaber and kept it secure. Another hypothesis is that after defeating the Empire, Luke returned to his hut. He looked every corner of the cabin till he discovered his lightsaber.

But hold on! Could Master Yoda possibly have another lightsaber? We are aware that Jedis frequently replaced lost lightsabers. Many times, Anakin misplaced his lightsaber. After giving up his old ones, Ahsoka Tano acquired new ones.

The existence of two lightsabers by Master Yoda is thus also conceivable. His second lightsaber, which he constructed after the Empire destroyed his first one, was preserved by Luke after Yoda's passing. Since Matt Martin finally responded in favor of my idea, I will choose the last one.

A member of the Lucasfilms narrative team is Matt Martin. He said that they were aware that Yoda's original lightsaber had been destroyed when someone questioned him about the character's weapon. It is not a contradiction, though. A Jedi with 900 years would most likely have several lightsabers.

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