Double-bladed lightsaber, also called lightstaff, which is a lightsaber that featured blades emitted from two sides. DamienSaber official website has launched a variety of packages that bundle two lightsabers. Each one is a double-edged saber. The baselit version of each double-edged lightsaber is the latest version XRGB3.0 currently on the market, which supports heavy duty duels and Bluetooth connection for related settings. The pixel version of each double-edged saber is also the latest xenopixel 3.0 version, which supports Bluetooth connection, supports pixel and RGB switching, and supports medium and light duels. ..The PF version of each double-edged saber is also the latest proffie2.2, which supports programming.
      The lightsabers in this catalog can be seen as two lightsabers sold together, as a double-edged lightsaber, or as buy one, get one free (buy a single-edged lightsaber and get an identical one single-edged lightsaber as a gift). No matter which form you understand, it must be the most economical purchase package.
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