DamienSaber Heavy Dueling Lightsabers - If you are looking for a heavy dueling lightsaber to combat, then you've come to the right place! To make sure you can find the complete lightsabers for duels, DamienSaber offers more than 140+ heavy dueling sabers and the best promotions to meet your needs. Baselit lightsabers are one version of lightsabers with RGB PC blades, which is commonly suggested for heavy duels. Baselit lightsabers include baselit 4 sound fonts, baselit 9 sound fonts, baselit 12 sound fonts (RGBX), and XRGB3.0 (baselit 16 sound fonts supporting Bluetooth connection). Baselit 12 sound fonts and XRGB3.0 have got sensitive smooth swing and motion control functions. XRGB3.0 supports Bluetooth app connection to customize your lightsaber to the smallest details, enable and disable deep functions like motion controls, flash on clash, effects timing, and sensitivity. We can offer expeditious delivery worldwide to provide you with trusted quality RGB series lightsabers and the best services. Shop one to join combat now.

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