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DamienSaber is a brand that has taken high-quality lightsabers, lightsaber empty hilt parts and lightsaber accessories at an affordable price for all Star Wars fans in the whole world.

Why choose DamienSaber?

Trusted Quality Sabers with Continuous Version Upgradation

Many lightsaber enthusiasts are already familiar with DamienSaber. We have been committed to providing continuously upgraded high-quality lightsabers during these years. Our lightsabers have super high quality RGB and Pixel blades. XRGB3.0, XENO3.0, and Base lit 12 sound fonts versions have nice sensitive smooth swing and support motion control. Latest versions XRGB3.0 and XENO3.0 support PD. Protocol charging, high-strength anti-fighting shrapnel, high-performance protected battery, high-fidelity heat dissipation speaker, and supports Bluetooth App control, sound effect customization, function customization, and light effect customization (under development). Lightsaber versions are continuously updated, and the motherboards are constantly optimized and upgraded. We are doing our best to provide you with lightsabers that are more convenient, more interesting, of better quality and more reasonably priced.

Quick Order Processing and Fast Shipping Method

We ship lightsabers via express DHL/FedEx/UPS, the delivery time is 3-12 days. We also have overseas warehouses in the United States, Spain, Australia, and Canada, so the shipping time is faster, mostly 2-7 days.

5 Stars Reviews by Customers Around The World

The lightsabers produced by DamienSaber have been exported to 126 countries or regions around the world, and have been well received by customers around the world. Our goal is β€œTo make the dreams of lightsaber fans everywhere a reality”, and we will continue to work hard for it.

12-Month Warranty with Professional Custom Services

Every DamienSaber custom lightsaber is covered by a one-year limited warranty against any form of manufacturing defects. In the unlikely event your saber has an issue, simply drop us a message or send an email to and our customer service team will be with you soon.

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Contact Address:Shenzhen Damien Technology Co.,Ltd.
Plant A201, Yeming Mould Industrial Park, Genyu Road, Tianliao Community, Yutang Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen, China 518000

What Our Customers Are Saying?


Great Value for Money.

(XRGB3.0) This lightsaber works great and is very sturdy when dueling. I have had no issues with the electronics and app connectivity.

No sharp edges on the machining of the hilt so can swing comfortably.

Product arrived in good time and well packaged to UK.


Lightsaber Review

Having not yet bought a Xenopixel Lightsaber before, I was a wee bit skeptical and wearily reserved about ordering one such a Lightsaber. However, upon further investigation and inquiries, I decided to pick up one, a Lightsaber that wasn't just my favorite from the Ot, but something I was heavily familiar with. Upon receiving it, I can honestly say that not only do I see the hype behind getting a Xenopixel Lightsaber, I absolutely LOVE it! The sound bars are amazing, the quality of said product is second to none, and I'm beyond impressed with my Lightsaber. Not to forget that the price was great as it doesn't break the bank and I have something to headline my first Comic-Con event with.

All in all, 5 stars WAY UP!

Kevin M

Simple but sweet

It’s a pretty little saber with a very nice grip and choke point. Better with 32” than 36” blade. imo. Lighting effects with the proffie version are super cool and look beautiful against the contrast of the black hilt. For the price you can’t beat it.

Benjamin T.

Best Birthday Present ever

When Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith came out on DVD, all I ever wanted was Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber, 19 years later I was able to buy this amazing lightsaber and i am happy to have this lightsaber in my collection.

There was this Darth Revan figure I bought during Black Friday, I saw his lightsaber in his left hand, and said to myself, one day I'll get that lightsaber, then a few months later, I was able to buy this lightsaber and now I have it in my collection.

Cesar S

Outstanding lightsaber!

I recently purchased two lightsaber, the anakin ep3 and the HX serie white lightsaber and was also sent a free lightsaber as part of their promotion. I am thrilled with my purchase! The anakin lightsaber is beautiful and the HX is super cool. The free lightsaber was a bonus and I love it as well. It came in a really nice box which I was surprised to see since I thought it would be a cardboard box. This was my second purchase from Damian and I’m already planning on my next lightsaber from Damiansaber. Thank you Damian saber for the amazing lightsabers

Mark B

Fantastic product

I am impressed! After careful consideration, I opted for the xenopixel model. I'm overly excited to tell you that this is the best lightsaber in my collection I have 2 from Disney's starwars, don't get me wrong they are not bad BUT the 3 AA battery's are a pain to replace and don't last very long and are expensive.

The xenopixel is rechargeable and the phone app gives it an edge over Disney's as the blade color can be changed "on the fly". This is the second xenopixel model that I have and I must say it is my favorite so far.Thank you for such a fine product.

Rick C.