Detailed Introduction To Multiple Versions of DamienSaber Lightsabers

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Select your lightsaber from Damiensaber official website, all sabers equipped with durable polycarbonate blades, baselit version supporting heavy duelings, come and choose one to combat now.

XRGB3.0 & XENO3.0 are the newest versions released by Damiensaber in March 2023.

For Base Lit 4 Sound font RGB Version

This is an introductory version designed for fans unfamiliar with lightsabers.

It is based on the RGB-X version with some functions deleted to achieve the purpose of reducing offer price.

This version has 4 sets of classic sound effects, and the smooth swing is not as sensitive as the RGB-X version, no motion control,FOC can not be turned off, the speaker is not so good as other versions.

They all use the same high quality metal handle ,PC blade and other accessories.The handle is detachable, so if you want to try more functions after purchasing this product, you just need to buy a different version core, and the lightsaber upgrade can be completed after a simple installation.

Sound Fonts:Dark Saber/ Kylo Ren/ Rey/ Darth Vader

Baselit 9 Sound Fonts RGB Version

This version is the original version using 3-axis sensor which don't have sensitive smooth swing function and don't have motion control function.

1. Realistic movie character sound fonts,more closer to your hero.

2. Huge color range,reach any color you want.
3. Functions:blaster,saber lock up,color changing,3 sound volume adjustment,3 light effects,9 sound fonts changing.
4. For heavy dueling,sturdy PC blade and high quality metal handle are strong enough to support heavy dueling.

Sound Fonts:Palpatine/Rey/Leia/Kylo Ren/Obi Wan/Earl Dooku/Fallen Order/Luke Skywalker/Dark Saber

The upgraded functions for XRGB3.0 and XENO3.0 are as follows

1. Support Bluetooth APP connection, and can be upgraded through Bluetooth to switch the machine on and off, change the color, adjust the volume, adjust the brightness and blade length, select the sound package and light effect, check the battery percentage, adjust the sensitivity, and restore the factory settings with one key, etc. configuration.

2. Using the XRGB 3.0/XENO3.0 2-in-1 soundboard to achieve more precise motion control through more sensitive sensors.

3. Use WAV original sound files to play, the audio is clearer and undistorted, and the high-fidelity power amplifier combined with 4W high-power speakers makes the sound louder.

4. Added high and low pitch waving, increase the tail sound of waving, and make the swing more realist and intense. You can feel the difference between you swing fast or slow.

5. Diversified color changing methods: fast color changing, rotation color changing, infinite color changing.

6. Diversification of somatosensory opening sabers: swing to turn on, rotate to turn on, pull and push to turn on.

7. A variety of light effects can be configured: percussion flash, sword fight, force, and gun light effects.

8. Added tail sounds for fighting saber, dragging saber, parrying and melting, which sounds smoother.

Bluetooth APP download method:
Search "Xeno Configurator" in the APP Store, or use the download link:

For Baselit 16 Sounds Version - XRGB3.0

XRGB3.0 comes with 16 sets of sound effects, and 4 movie character lightsaber sound effects added to give you a more immersive duel experience; and more sets of sound effects can be added through SD card.

Notice: XRGB3.0 16 sets sabers are delivered without SD card by default. If you need an SD card, you need to add $10 to the unit price

Motion control and The Flash on Clash (FOC) function can be turn on/ off.

In the previous version, the FOC function could not be turned off, but our fans reported that the FOC function made them lose points when participating in the competition. Therefore, the FOC function of the baselit version can be directly turned on/off now. It is convenient for you to turn off this function when you don't need it.

XRGB3.0 Baselit 16 sound fonts lightsaber has got three light effects Steady / Pulse / Unstable

XRGB3.0 Baselit 16 sound fonts lightsaber has got three blade model in total Standard mode / Ghost mode / Blaster mode
Tips: Ghost mode and Blaster mode are turned off by default, you can turn on these two modes by Saber App.

For XenoPixel XENO3.0 Version

1. The XenoPixel V3 XENO3.0 board is our latest, most cost-effective 2 in 1 motherboard / soundboard, which can realize free switching between pixel and RGB.
Pixel to RGB mode - Hold button 13 seconds when saber blade is OFF. After switching pixel to RGB mode, the blade only lights up the bottom,you should change the blade into RGB blade and use a pixel to RGB converter.

2. The xenopixel version includes a micro SD card defaultly, which allows you to add a vast library of sound fonts.

3. An array of new special blade effects make the XenoPixel V3 more versatile than any economy class board on the market.

4. Special blade light effects include Steady,Pulse,Rainbow blade,Candy blade, Unstable, Crack blade,Fire blade, Flash blade.

5. Ignition(Pre-on)/Blade Styles: 12 blade modes in total. Standard blade, Velocity blade, Torch blade, Blaster blade, Ghost blade, Broken ignition, Stack ignition, Photon ignition, Warp ignition, Phaster ignition, Scavenger ignition and Hunter ignition.
Tips: Velocity, torch, blaster & ghost mode are defaultly turn off.

6. XenoPixel V3 features a new firmware upgrade feature - by simply adding a special upgrade file.Now you can upgrade it by Bluetooth APP with ease.

7. XENO3.0 is 34 sets of sound fonts (these 34 sets are the same as before, no change).

Lightsaber Specs:
Durable and Comfortable Aluminum Hilt
3000mah 3.7V Rechangeable 18650 Battery
2mm Thickness 92cm Length PC Blade
23mm Electric Full-Range Speaker


Package Include:
1 x Handle with kit & Rechangeable Battery
1 x Blade (default length 92cm, Polycarbonate material support dueling)
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Accessories Bag
1 x User Manual
Notice: Double bladed sabers have got two blades, crossguard lightsabers have got one blade and two side short blades.


We provide 12 months warranty for each saber we sold.
Long time warranty make you order and play it without any worries.