DamienSaber Lightsaber Luke Skywalker Heavy Dueling Baselit 12 Sound Fonts Hilt 28CM
DamienSaber Lightsaber Luke Skywalker Heavy Dueling Baselit 12 Sound Fonts Hilt 28CM

DamienSaber Lightsaber Luke Skywalker Heavy Dueling Baselit 12 Sound Fonts Hilt 28CM

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The most reliable way to choose your first dueling lightsaber is trust DamienSaber®. Luke skywalker lightsaber V2 is the most famous charactor collection lightsaber. Newest versions and features will be released here at the first hand. Come enjoy lightsaber with us!

For Base Lit 12 Sounds Version

On the basis of the previous version, the R&D cost of the gravity sensor has been increased to make the smooth swing function more perfect;

The sound effects have been expanded to 12, and 3 movie character lightsaber sound effects added to give you a more immersive duel experience;

Developed and matched the montion control function, which was previously only available in the expensive Pixel models. You can also choose to turn on/off the function to decide whether to use button control or motion control;

The Flash on Clash (FOC) function has added the option to turn on/off. In previous version FOC function can only be turned on and cannot be turned off. But voice from fans, we know that FOC feature will make fans who participate in the competition miss out on points, so we specially developed and added the on/off option so that you can turn off this function when you don't need it. Hope you all get better results in the game.

12 Sets Sound Fonts:Scavenger (Rey), Princess (Leia), Rage Knight (Kylo Ren), the High Ground (Obi Wan), the Count (Dooku), The Fallen (Cal Kestis), The Dark Lord (Darth Vader), The Dark Sword (Dark Saber), Dark Ages (medieval sword font), the Second (Second Sister), Serenity (generic Jedi font), Emperor (Emperor Palpatine).

Package Include:
1x Hilt with Core & Rechangeable Battery
1x Blade (Polycarbonate material support dueling)
1x Type C Charging Cable
1x Stand
1x Blade Plug
1x Allen Key
1x Screws Pack
1x User Manual
1x SD Card Reader (only for xeno version)
1x Common Case

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product reviews


First time buying sabers so I settled for the mistery box with 2 baselit sabers. The sabers are of great quality and at that price it's a 2 for 1 deal. Ok they are not replicas or super fancy but they do feel great and sound great. I will surely order again from damiensaber. They delivered exactly what they advertised. Pretty good experience


Great Products! Very surprised by the quality of the hilts and blades for the price.


I was a bit apprehensive at first. I purchased a mystery box from another company and was very disappointed. Took another chance with Damien Sabers blind box 2 and was very surprised! One base lit and one Xeno pixel saber. Sleek simple designed enjoy them immensely. I will be buying another blind 2 again soon.



Build your own saber

Damiensaber hilt parts are all VHC parts, supporting free combination and zero-pressure assembly.

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