DamienSaber Light Saber Baselit 9 Sound Fonts Double Bladed Combainable Heavy Dueling Combat Lightsabers

DamienSaber Light Saber Baselit 9 Sound Fonts Double Bladed Combainable Heavy Dueling Combat Lightsabers

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The most reliable way to choose your first dueling lightsaber is trust DamienSaber®. This is a type of baselit 9 sound fonts lightsaber, which supporting heavy dueling. If you are choosing two sabers in economic price or wanna combain a double bladed lighter. Choose this saber which we will send an extra free saber for you to create a double-bladed lightsabers! Newest versions and features will be released here at the first hand. Come enjoy lightsaber with us!

Baselit 9 Sound Fonts RGB Version

This version is the original version using 3-axis sensor which don't have sensitive smooth swing function and don't have motion control function.

1. Realistic movie character sound fonts,more closer to your hero.
2. Huge color range,reach any color you want.
3. Functions: blaster,saber lock up,color changing,3 sound volume adjustment,3 light effects,9 sound fonts changing.
4. For heavy dueling,sturdy PC blade and high quality metal handle are strong enough to support heavy dueling.

Sound Fonts:Palpatine/Rey/Leia/Kylo Ren/Obi Wan/Earl Dooku/Fallen Order/Luke Skywalker/Dark Saber

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product reviews


First time buying sabers so I settled for the mistery box with 2 baselit sabers. The sabers are of great quality and at that price it's a 2 for 1 deal. Ok they are not replicas or super fancy but they do feel great and sound great. I will surely order again from damiensaber. They delivered exactly what they advertised. Pretty good experience


Great Products! Very surprised by the quality of the hilts and blades for the price.


I was a bit apprehensive at first. I purchased a mystery box from another company and was very disappointed. Took another chance with Damien Sabers blind box 2 and was very surprised! One base lit and one Xeno pixel saber. Sleek simple designed enjoy them immensely. I will be buying another blind 2 again soon.


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