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DAMIENSABER Light Saber Hilt Parts to Build Custom Handles for Cross Saber

Retail price

$ 23

Market value

$ 29

  • Size
    • Type-C
    • Round




  • Product Details
    • Commodity name: DAMIENSABER Light Saber Hilt Parts to Build Custom Handles for Cross Saber
    • Commodity ID: E340

    This is a saber empty hilt button part and you can take it to replace your former parts to get a new saber.

    There are Type-C and round button changring port versions for choose,please check your kit charging port before you place your order.

    It can only match LGT/DAMIENSABER brand saber hilts.

    Please make sure your hilts can match it before you buy it.Thank you.

Mystery Box- 2+1 review



Going in, I was hesitant. But damiensaber proved me wrong! Quite the high quality hilts. Even I'd I didn't get anything fancy out of it (I ended up getting some of the cheaper hilts), for the price of the mystery Box this was still a *steal*. Good quality hilts, no sharp edges or scratches at all. Came with blades for all the sabers. They all sound great, and look fantastic. 10/10, would definitely get again the next time I want to delve into mystery boxes / LGTs!

Best thing going today



So, first and foremost, customer service with Damien Sabers is absolutely amazing. Shipping speed was spot on. Now, I have purchased 8 lightsabers in the past 2 months. Spent way more money on my 2nd favorite saber, why ? Because I hadn't found Damien Sabers ! The durability is unmatched, heavy dueling is a piece of cake. 12 sound fonts, 12 !!!!!, loud speaker, motion activation, and this lightsaber is just a beautiful beast to swing around. Look elsewhere if you want, but Damien Sabers is the best value going today. You will not be disappointed

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