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You are now catching up on the Rebels series following the Clone Wars. the consequences of clone warfare. The number of those who can't abide the Empire is increasing and rising. Kanan Jarrel, a lost Jedi, and his companions aid those in need while challenging the Empire. Ezra Bridger's journey from being a robber to the greatest Jedi. Ahsoka Tano, Rex, and Maul's Adventure.


As the Empire draws to a close, you are undoubtedly enjoying the show, but you could find that more questions start to cross your mind. You might have adjusted to the art after the Clone Wars series, but you're still getting confused by all the different ways they differ from their movie counterparts.


While watching the Rebel series, the main question that arises to mind is, why are the lightsabers so thin in Rebels. You want to know if there is a legit reason or just a lazy work of the producers.


Although these characters had only a few moments throughout the series, they seemed to be the reason for the Show’s success. Such a complex story connecting the past and the future clearly cannot be the focus to grab the kids’ attention. Then why are the lightsabers so thin in rebels?


Many notable aspects of Star Wars, like the droids R2-D2 and C-3P0, were created by visual artist Ralph McQuarrie. He also created the iconic helmet used by Darth Vader. The first lightsabers were created by him, and they were far thinner than the ones we saw in the movies.


Ralph McQuarrie's artwork served as inspiration for the Rebels production crew as they created the lightsabers. Later films, such as "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" and subsequent ones, did not adhere to the fundamental principles of lightsaber design.


Ralph's artwork served as influence for the production of the whole Rebels show's animation, not just the thin lightsaber style. The major focus, or more accurately, a planet opposing the Empire, was Lothal, Ezra Bridger's home planet.


The original work of Ralph McQuarrie served as the inspiration for the landscapes of Lothal, the doomsday-looking buildings, the temple, white towers, and even the Loth wolves. Ralph's illustration also features the main capital city's circular building rooftops. The Lasat race follows. Raplh McQuarrie, a character from the Zeb series, provided this concept for the Chewbacca race, which was eventually used for the "Lasat" race in the Rebel series.


Ralph had drawn a picture of the humorous droid Chopper, a member of the Rebel crew, and that was supposed to be how R2-D2 should appear. That R2-D2 design was adopted for the Chopper droid in the Rebel series.


The main characters from the Clone Wars series, Ahsoka Tano, Rex, and Mual, then appeared in Rebels with entirely new looks. Ralph McQuarrie's depiction of their features shows that they were rounded and mature.


Thus, the logical justification for Ralph McQuarrie's artistic interpretation provides an answer to the question of why lightsabers in Rebels are so thin. Ironically, despite being the core of Star Wars, tests have always been conducted with lightsabers.


Fans have taken an interest in these modifications to lightsaber designs. While some people like how the original artwork was adapted, others think the designs should remain the same throughout the Saga. Whatever the case, the Rebel series by Ralph McQuarrie's artwork has given the Show remarkable taste. Rebels seems really authentic, and the lightsabers are much more fantastic and convincing than their counterparts in the movies.

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