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Lightsabers are fascinating weapons that provide aficionados with endless entertainment. We have seen a lot of the coolest lightsabers since the first blue Luke's lightsaber. These powerful lightsabers can all cut through anything. 

Any lightsaber can cut, but the fans' insatiable thirst for more did not permit them to do so. They seek a contrast. They arrive with a lot of inquiries. Which lightsaber is the strongest? What color lightsaber has the greatest power? Is Darksaber the strongest lightsaber there is? 

Lightsabers are strong, but the real strength of each lightsaber depends on the user. The strong connection that exists between the lightsaber crystal and its wielder reveals its true power.

Now let's see what are the most powerful lightsabers?

5) The Red Lightsaber of Count Dooku 
Many people consider Count Dooku to be a bad guy. He's viewed as a real leader by others. He was a visionary who made an effort to overthrow the Republic's corrupted government. He rose to prominence as a rebel commander and developed a droid army to oppose the Jedi Order. 

Red lightsaber in the hand of Count Dooku. He utilized the lightsaber he had on hand, which was a lightsaber. The hilt of his lightsaber was curved. This lightsaber's design was appropriate for his fighting posture. Count Dooku was an adept of Makashi, the second lightsaber form. This form depended on precision, ease of use, and economy. Count Dooku was helped in his quick movements and in seeing an opportunity to attack by the lightsaber's curved hilt.

A formidable Sith lord who could defeat several adversaries at once was Count Dooku. His conflict with the Nightsisters during the Clone Wars is a good illustration. He acquired that ability through his connection to his lightsaber. It is also the reason why this lightsaber is one of the ten most potent ones.

4) A light-saber umbrella 
No canon movie or television versions have an Umbrella lightsaber. However, it only makes an appearance in the non-canon 2D animated series "Star Wars: Vision." The Umbrella Lightsaber was in the hands of an unidentified Sith lord. 

This kind has the coolest, multi-bladed lightsaber hilt. The hilt resembled a long rod with numerous blades attached to it. But that wasn't the right way to describe the shape of its lightsaber. We later learned that the Sith Lord has several lightsabers connected by a rod. 

Due to the presence of numerous potent lightsaber crystals, every blade had the strong lightsaber hue of red. After being ignited, each lightsaber stretched out and assumed the appearance of a crimson umbrella.

3) The purple lightsaber of Mace Windu 
The color purple is regarded as the most potent lightsaber hue in the Star Wars universe. Only a few Jedis have ever used a lightsaber of this hue. Mace Windu and Darth Revan from the past are the only two humans who are known to have ever used a purple-colored lightsaber. 

The most potent Jedi of his era, Mace Windu served as the Old Republic's Jedi Master. His lightsaber contained the key to his greatness. During one of his missions on a distant planet, he discovered this powerful and rare purple lightsaber crystal. He made his purple lightsaber when he was young and has used it ever since.

Another explanation for Mace Windu's purple lightsaber hue can be found in Star Wars. A link to both the Light and Dark Sides of the Force is indicated by the color purple. Use this color if you have a connection to both sides of the Force. The seventh lightsaber battle form, named as Vaapad, was devised by Mace Windu. To create this form, he let the Dark Force to flow through his body while maintaining control. The reason No Wonder, a purple lightsaber, is so strong is because its wielder is a master of the Force on both sides. 

After Anakin cut off his handoff, Mace Windu misplaced his purple lightsaber. Who knows if this purple lightsaber will appear again. 

2) Skywalker Lightsaber
The first lightsaber to ever appear on screen was the one used by Luke Skywalker. according to "Star Wars: New Hope." Luke received this lightsaber from Obi-Wan. The lightsaber was regarded as the most attractive lightsaber at the time. It continues to be regarded as the strongest lightsaber. Despite being a straightforward standard kind, it nonetheless possesses the best grip and swing designs of any lightsaber. 

The most popular and one of the most potent lightsaber colors is blue. That was the rationale behind the widespread adoption of this lightsaber hue by Jedi in the Old Republic. But in terms of power and toughness, the Skywalker lightsaber was far superior.

Because three separate Skywalkers held this lightsaber at various points in time, it is known as the Skywalker lightsaber. This lightsaber was made by Anakin Skywalker, who later joined the Dark Side. When Luke Skywalker reached adulthood, Obi-Wan gave him the lightsaber that he had stored safely. Even Luke failed to defeat Darth Vader in the Cloud City. Rey Skywalker located it in a castle many years later. In the basement, where she discovered this potent lightsaber, she heard whispers calling her name. 

Rey buried the Skywalker lightsaber to pay tribute to the Skywalker family's legacy and the legacy of one of the most potent lightsabers, as witnessed at the conclusion of the sequel trilogy.

1) Rey's yellow lightsaber 
The strongest lightsaber color, yellow, was lit when Rey buried the Skywalker lightsaber. Only temple guards wearing yellow and brandishing distinctive lightsaber designs had been observed. It was the first time a lightsaber of the usual yellow hue had been seen. Hardcore fans immediately deemed this lightsaber to be the coolest one available. 

Which lightsaber is the strongest? Is that Rey's light saber in yellow? Well, the color yellow has a similar connotation to the color purple. The Force's Light or Dark Side are not represented by this color. It meant that although the user was a Jedi, they had a connection to the Dark Force as well. Rey's grandpa was a Sith lord, which explained the significance of the hue of her lightsaber.

However, according to officials, the introduction of the yellow color signaled the start of a new age. To demonstrate that the legacy of both Jedi and Sith lords is no longer present, Rey used a yellow lightsaber. We do not receive many explanations on this lightsaber, most likely because the administrators want to maintain fan excitement for the impending dawn of a new era. 

But Rey's yellow lightsaber is the coolest of them all, so I retain it at the top of my list of the ten most potent lightsabers. 

Here, I'd want to draw attention to the numerous more lightsabers that can't be disregarded. All lightsabers are strong and capable of slicing through anything.

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How to choose the blade length?
Each lightsaber is delivered with a 92cm/36" lightsaber by default. If you need other length, such as 72cm/28",82cm/32", please leave a message on the order page, and we will deliver the blade according to the length that you marked. In addition, the xenopixel lightsaber is equipped with a pixel blade, and the baselit lightsaber is equipped with a baselit blade.
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How Long Does It Take to Full Charge? And How Long Will It Last After It's Done Charging?
The batteries need to be fully charged for four hours in-between uses. Typically, the battery life is roughly two hours. The reason for the slow charge is because the charger only has a 5V and 0.5A output. Do not use a power source that is over 1A and 5V to charge your lightsaber!!!
Can two hilts be connected to make a double-bladed saber?
Yes, most of our sabers are compatible with each other to be able to make a double-bladed saber. If not, contact our customer service or online chat to speak out your requirement, we will try our best to solve your needs.
What is a blade? Are the saber blades removeable from the hilts? Can they be replaced?
A lightsaber blade is a brilliant part of a lightsaber, which made from polycarbonate, and generally about 72cm/82cm/92cm length and 2mm/3mm thickness, extending out of the emitter section when the lightsaber is activated and recedes when the lightsaber is deactivated. All of our lightsabers whether baselit, Xenopixel and proffie come equipped with a removeable and replaceable blade.
Can I order an empty lightsaber hilt?
Yes, we offer empty lightsaber hilts which are VHC parts for you to custom your own lightsaber.
What is lightsaber hilt? Does a hilt come with a blade?
The lightsaber hilt, also called as the saber's handle,is the basic and all encompassing part of a lightsaber. It contains a combinatio handgrip, blade emitter, button parts, lightsaber kits and pommels. Every saber can come with a lightsaber hilt and a blade. But you can buy sperate empty hilt without blade for futher custom.
What is a blade plug?
Lightsaber blade plugs, also called safety plugs, which are designed to be installed in your handles in place of a blade. Plugs will give the hilt a cool look with the blade removed and help to prevent shining a high powered LED directly into yours or someone else's eyes. Check out Damiensaber Blade Plugs here.
Can I have you guys make a saber hilt in a unique way?
At Damien, we always love to be as accommodating as we can. Very glad to receive your message and share with us what you have come up with. If it is possible to be achieved, you can be assued that we will do it for you.
Can I order a custom lightsaber I have come up with?
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