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Damiensaber Custom Lightsaber Accessories Convertec Wheel Moduel for VHC Thread

Retail price

$ 18

Market value

$ 25

  • Color
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Grey




  • Product Details
    • Commodity name: Damiensaber Custom Lightsaber Accessories Convertec Wheel Moduel for VHC Thread
    • Commodity ID: A249

    Acted as a hilt adapter with a convertec wheel, is compatible with the VHC parts, which will allow you to connect to a belt clip so you can carry your lightsaber on your side.
    It is aluminium module lightsaber accessory, which is the standard for all Damiensaber dueling saber, except special size hilts such as some character collections.
    This is also a smart part could be screwed onto the hilt between the grip and pommel to extend the hilt length.

Mystery Box- 2+1 review



Going in, I was hesitant. But damiensaber proved me wrong! Quite the high quality hilts. Even I'd I didn't get anything fancy out of it (I ended up getting some of the cheaper hilts), for the price of the mystery Box this was still a *steal*. Good quality hilts, no sharp edges or scratches at all. Came with blades for all the sabers. They all sound great, and look fantastic. 10/10, would definitely get again the next time I want to delve into mystery boxes / LGTs!

Best thing going today



So, first and foremost, customer service with Damien Sabers is absolutely amazing. Shipping speed was spot on. Now, I have purchased 8 lightsabers in the past 2 months. Spent way more money on my 2nd favorite saber, why ? Because I hadn't found Damien Sabers ! The durability is unmatched, heavy dueling is a piece of cake. 12 sound fonts, 12 !!!!!, loud speaker, motion activation, and this lightsaber is just a beautiful beast to swing around. Look elsewhere if you want, but Damien Sabers is the best value going today. You will not be disappointed

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