DamienSaber Official Website Black Friday Sale

Last month, fans were asking us what the lightsaber Black Friday promotion will be. In 2023 Black Friday, we finally have got multi-choice coupon codes for you to buy lightsabers with lowest price.

Use Lightsaber Coupon Codes on Check Out page!

10 Flash Sale Sabers 40% OFF for you! Code DMNBLK
Only valid in "Flash Sale" catalog sabers.

Below codes valid all items except "flash sale" catalog
Get $20 OFF for Orders $200 Code DMN20
Get $30 OFF for Orders $300 Code DMN30
SAVE 50USD for Orders $500 Code DMN50

Free Gift Mystery Saber $99+ Value for Orders $700! Code DMN700
Don't forget to add the Free Gift Saber to your cart.

Only allow one coupon per Order. Codes expires November 27th,2023.

What are you waiting for? You never want to miss these big deals for the holiday season.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Free Gift Lightsaber

Regular price$99.00
Shipping calculated at checkout.

This is a black friday free gift mystery saber, which only valid for your order 700USD or more.

Please remember to add the "gift saber" to your shopping cart.
Don't forget to add coupon code DMN700 on check out page.

The image is only for reference. We will ship a high-value lightsaber ( $99+)  randomly together with your ordered items. Free gift also comes with blade. Please noted.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Free Gift Lightsaber