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The colors of lightsabers are colorful, which makes it difficult for many friends who want to choose online custom sabers, but it doesn’t matter, let’s understand what the different colors of lightsabers mean, and then choose the lightsaber that suits you best.

Now that it is mentioned that lightsabers will have different colors due to the different personalities of the casters, so what kind of personality do different lightsaber colors represent?

Blue: It is the "first" light saber color that appears in the entire series of "Star Wars", and it is also the most common color in the entire series! Usually the traits of a person holding a blue lightsaber have a strong "sense of justice", and are stronger in combat at the "level of force".

Green: Owners of green lightsabers are also on the side of justice, but they do not easily use force. Compared with owners of blue lightsabers, owners of green lightsabers advocate "peace" and usually use the force on a spiritual level The Lord's strategist and the most well-known owner of the green lightsaber is "Master Yoda"!

Red: The red lightsaber is owned by users of the evil side of the "Sith" and the dark side of the Force; but interestingly, in the world view of "Star Wars", users of the dark side of the Force cannot actually make light The kyber crystal of the sword produces a "psychic connection", so it is snatched or stolen from other lightsaber owners, and then injected with pain and anger to make the original lightsaber "bleed" and eventually turn red Made!

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Purple: Although pure evil users of the dark side of the Force cannot have a "psychic connection" with the kyber crystals that make lightsabers, "not so pure evil" will do! Both good and evil, people who can control the light and dark sides of the force at the same time, the lightsaber cast will appear purple. In the story of "Star Wars", the famous purple lightsaber user is in "Star Wars" "Master Yundu" played by Samuel Jackson in the movie "The Prequel Trilogy".

White: The source of the white lightsaber is also more tortuous. It first appeared in the extended animation works of "Star Wars". When the heroine Ahsoka Tano defeated a Sith Empire judge, she was judged The officer's red "bleeding" lightsaber, and when Yasuka "purifies" the red lightsaber, it becomes a white lightsaber! Generally speaking, the owner of the white lightsaber is usually "free", does not obey any alliance, and only fights for his own sense of freedom!

Black: The black lightsaber is an important lightsaber color that appeared in the "Star Wars" extension series "The Mandalorian", and it is a symbol of "The Mandalorian Leader".

Yellow: Owners of yellow lightsabers usually have rich knowledge of the force, and these people are usually guardians who swore to protect the "Jedi Temple".

Yellow-green: Yellow-green is the exclusive representative color of Yasuka Tanno's classic lightsaber in "Star Wars". Of course, there are other characters in the "Star Wars" world that use yellow-green lightsabers, but there are not many.

Now you must know the meaning of lightsaber colors, so now you can contact our company to order online custom sabers and create your own lightsaber that suits you best!

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How to choose the blade length?
Each lightsaber is delivered with a 92cm/36" lightsaber by default. If you need other length, such as 72cm/28",82cm/32", please leave a message on the order page, and we will deliver the blade according to the length that you marked. In addition, the xenopixel lightsaber is equipped with a pixel blade, and the baselit lightsaber is equipped with a baselit blade.
How long will my order take to ship?
Normally Damiensaber Team need 1 to 3 working days to process the order, and when your item is dispatched it normally takes 3 to 7 working days for delivery. Once your item has been shipped, we will send a notice email to you together a tracking number. If you are in a remote area, it requires up to 14 working days. You will receive a shipment confirmation when your order has shipped and tracking information within 24-48 hours of shipment. If you need a more definitive time for shipping, kindly email us at and we can tell you more specifically when a particular lightsaber you are ordering will ship out.
How Long Does It Take to Full Charge? And How Long Will It Last After It's Done Charging?
The batteries need to be fully charged for four hours in-between uses. Typically, the battery life is roughly two hours. The reason for the slow charge is because the charger only has a 5V and 0.5A output. Do not use a power source that is over 1A and 5V to charge your lightsaber!!!
Can two hilts be connected to make a double-bladed saber?
Yes, most of our sabers are compatible with each other to be able to make a double-bladed saber. If not, contact our customer service or online chat to speak out your requirement, we will try our best to solve your needs.
What is a blade? Are the saber blades removeable from the hilts? Can they be replaced?
A lightsaber blade is a brilliant part of a lightsaber, which made from polycarbonate, and generally about 72cm/82cm/92cm length and 2mm/3mm thickness, extending out of the emitter section when the lightsaber is activated and recedes when the lightsaber is deactivated. All of our lightsabers whether baselit, Xenopixel and proffie come equipped with a removeable and replaceable blade.
Can I order an empty lightsaber hilt?
Yes, we offer empty lightsaber hilts which are VHC parts for you to custom your own lightsaber.
What is lightsaber hilt? Does a hilt come with a blade?
The lightsaber hilt, also called as the saber's handle,is the basic and all encompassing part of a lightsaber. It contains a combinatio handgrip, blade emitter, button parts, lightsaber kits and pommels. Every saber can come with a lightsaber hilt and a blade. But you can buy sperate empty hilt without blade for futher custom.
What is a blade plug?
Lightsaber blade plugs, also called safety plugs, which are designed to be installed in your handles in place of a blade. Plugs will give the hilt a cool look with the blade removed and help to prevent shining a high powered LED directly into yours or someone else's eyes. Check out Damiensaber Blade Plugs here.
Can I have you guys make a saber hilt in a unique way?
At Damien, we always love to be as accommodating as we can. Very glad to receive your message and share with us what you have come up with. If it is possible to be achieved, you can be assued that we will do it for you.
Can I order a custom lightsaber I have come up with?
Yes, we provide with custom lightsaber service all the time. Contact us to share your designs.
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