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Mystery Box Designed by Damiensaber Team 3 Pieces Xenopixel High Quality Lightsaber

$ 159

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$ 219

  • Blind Box - 3 sabers
    • 3 base lit sabers
    • 2 base lit+1 Xeno
    • 1 base lit+2 Xeno
    • 3 Xenopixel sabers




  • Product Details
    • Commodity name: Mystery Box Designed by Damiensaber Team 3 Pieces Xenopixel High Quality Lightsaber
    • Commodity ID: Blind Box -3

    Designed by Damiensaber team, lightsaber mystery box 3 you are guaranteed to receive a high value item with 3 different options: 3 baselit sabers / 2 baselit sabers + 1 xenopixel saber / 1 baselit lightsaber + 2 xenopixel sabers. Different options have different prices. You can place an order according to your needs, while each option is of high value.

    Everyone wants more surprises in life, and lightsaber fans are no exception. No matter you are choosing holiday gift for your kids, friends, or else person, or you'd like to buy more then two sabers at one time, our blind box 3 could be the most economic choice! Damiensaber always be with you!


    Package included: 3 pieces lightsabers
    3 Baselit Sabers - 3 Baselit 9 sound fonts Sabers
    2 Base Lit + 1 Xeno  - 2 Baselit 9 sound font Sabers + 1 Xenopixel V2 Saber
    1 Base Lit + 2 Xeno  - 1 Baselit 9 sound font Saber + 2 Xenopixel V2 Sabers
    3 Xenopixe Sabers- 3 Xenopixel V2 Sabers


    Baselit 9 Sound font version is the original version using 3-axis sensor which don't have sensitive smooth swing function and don't have motion control function.


    Tips: All sabers include hilt and blade.
    Mystery box sabers do not accept returns and exchanges. If the product has quality problems indeed, we guarantee 1 Year Warranty.

    Notice: Mystery box does not participate in the Full Giveaway promotion.

Mystery Box- 2+1 review



Going in, I was hesitant. But damiensaber proved me wrong! Quite the high quality hilts. Even I'd I didn't get anything fancy out of it (I ended up getting some of the cheaper hilts), for the price of the mystery Box this was still a *steal*. Good quality hilts, no sharp edges or scratches at all. Came with blades for all the sabers. They all sound great, and look fantastic. 10/10, would definitely get again the next time I want to delve into mystery boxes / LGTs!

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