DAMIENSABER Damien Tech is the largest light saber manufacturer in China, with our own complete saber production line, including a CNC workshop (for producing our metal saber hilts), a PCB workshop (for producing our saber soundboards), a soldering workshop(for all wiring and electronics assembly) and an installation workshop(for assembling the completed products). Terrific OEM System Whether you are a Jedi fan or Sith fan, you can design your own custom lightsaber as you like via Damiensaber. We have developed a terrific OEM system which allows us to accept custom packaging, custom hilt designs, custom soundboard modifications, and custom proffie board and settings. We can also customize many other accessories on request. Our distribution system is spread worldwide, with repair and service centers in most countries to support our 1 year product warranty.So buy with confidence! Fast Shipping We also have our own packaging and shipping company. Damien is a Shenzhen based company - which makes for fast shipping from the nearby port city of Hong Kong. Shipments from Hong Kong take, typically, 1-7 business days with express shipping. This increases to around 10-30 business days by sea. We also support drop shipping orders to countless locations worldwide and utilize the fastest and most cost effective shipping methods for our orders. Export to The Whole World The lightsabers produced by Damiensaber have been exported to 126 countries or regions around the world, and have been well received by customers around the world. Our goal is “To make the dreams of lightsaber fans everywhere a reality”, and we will continue to work hard for it.

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Famous Movie-replicas Damiensaber is Currently Selling

It is believed that most lightsaber fans are into movie-replica lightsabers cause they like the characters from the movie a lot. So what are the movie-replicas Damiensaber currently got and what’re the prices?

How to Update the Version of Your Xenopixel Lightsaber Board?

In this article, we’ll teach you how to update your the version of your xenopixel lightsaber board, which is pretty easy, the things you need is:

DamienSaber's Best-Selling&Budgetary-Friendly Lightsaber

Want to know which one is our best selling lightsaber? We did a research on the lightsaber we sold per month, and we surprisingly find there is a thousand-sold every month lightsaber, here it comes, NO.038 RGB/Xenopixel Metal Hilt Lightsaber, FOC Heavy Dueling Lightsaber

Something about the Function "Motion Control" on Our Lightsabers

Damiensaber is the first company on the market who adapted motion control onto our baselit lightsabers, which is a great breakthrough, it reflects that our R&D and technical level is of great technique, and secondly, the realization of motion control function requires extremely sensitive gravity sensor, which is extremely demanding for our lightsaber hardware configuration

What are the Differences Between Different Boards of the Lightsaber?

And this article, will help you to solve most of that problem.Let’s start by the most frequently-asked question: What boards are you selling and what are the differences?

DamienSaber's Latest Product: Starkiller Crystal Chamber Lightsaber

This is the latest product of DamienSaber: A Custom-made Crystal Lightsaber. There are 3 versions of the board, which are RGB-X, xenopixel and proffie. And the one showed in this post is Xenopixel version. First let’s take a quick look at its appearance.

Unboxing of DamienSaber's High-end Lightsaber

Ahsoka retuens in StarWars Rebels, more than a decade older and vastly more skilled since the days she had fought in the Clone Wars, her horns, head-tails,and facial features are all tweaked to reflect signs of maturity as Ahsoka. now code-name Fulcrum,emerges to lend her aid to the fledging Rebel Alliance. Ahsoka’s new lightsabers emit bright white energy blades. Both of Ahsoka’s new lightsabers have subtly curved hilts and are stamped with a double-diamond pattern. Much like she did during Clone Wars, Ahsoka grips the short-bladed shoto saber in her off hand while wielding the other in her dominant hand.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Lightsabers

This article is for those who encounter common issues when using their lightsabers bought from us, and we divided the issues into 3 sections: Light/Sound/Core, in which there are common issues like no sound, light deviation, can’t power on... So this article will conclude the fastest way to solve these issues, and of course, if your issue is not listed here or you still cannot solve the issue after trying the solution, feel free to contact us or the shop owner where you bought the lightsaber from.

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