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As we all know, the galaxy in Star Wars is a universe of unending tales. More tales pique people's curiosity. Luke Skywalker's prequels pose more questions than they do answers. One of the many queries that "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" has sparked on the Internet. How did Maz obtain Luke's lightsaber, exactly? 

If you're not keeping up, the plot is as follows. While evading the Empire, Rey and Finn crossed paths with Han Solo in space. Or, I should say Han Solo took them hostage in order to reclaim his ship, the Melliminium Falcon, which she was in possession of at the time.

[The Lightsaber of Maz's Backstory]
To cut a long story short, Han traveled with his new friends to Takodana, a lush and lovely planet, to meet his old buddy Maz Kanata. Maz Kanata is an alien of unknown race who wears large yellow glasses. We were given very little knowledge about this monster, much like Master Yoda. 

All we know is that Maz was a close buddy of Han Solo's who had previously crossed the galaxy with him and the other members of the crew. She was a collector and smuggler who had been active for a thousand years. She returned to her castle in Takodana to spend her final years in solitude.

In the castle, Rey had an unusual feeling. She was drawn down to the basement by some voices that she thought were calling her. She discovered the famous lightsaber that Luke once employed to restore the Republic's order. Rey was informed by Maz Katana that Luke's lightsaber was calling to her. 

Rey was probably called by the lightsaber because she had a strong Force connection and would eventually take over as the new Jedi. Everything makes sense, but how did Maz obtain Luke's lightsaber remains a mystery.

Han questioned Maz about how she acquired this renowned lightsaber. That is a tale for a different time, I say. She spoke. Even after many years, this enigma has not yet been solved. We are still anticipating the arrival of that "next moment." Since many claim it has no bearing on the plot, we are not even sure if we will ever solve this enigma. But I'll describe the likelihood using what we know from the Star Wars saga. 

[Maz acquired Luke's lightsaber, but how?]
Luke Skywalker battled his father, Darth Vader, at Cloud City using his lightsaber, as depicted in "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back." Luke's lightsaber is shown to have been lost in the depths of Cloud City after Darth Vader severed his hand. Some believe he never received his lightsaber back. 

Charles Soule's comic book provided the answer to that query. Luke returned to Cloud City in an attempt to locate his lightsaber, but he was unsuccessful. A Ugnaught is said to have found this lightsaber and kept it to himself in order to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, according to the comic.

So, this is how the theory works. In her capacity as a pirate, Queen Maz Katana explored the galaxy. She gathered numerous artifacts and antiques from countless planets. She probably discovered Luke Skywalker's lightsaber and stored it safely until the appropriate moment. She knew this was the appropriate moment, which is why she gave Rey the lightsaber.

I should note that the story is not canon and has not yet been made public through official channels. Who knows if we will ever learn the full truth of the Star Wars sagas. Perhaps the flavor of Star Wars is found in the unanswered questions of an infinite cosmos. Perhaps rather than just receiving an answer, people prefer to speculate and fantasize about the numerous unsolved mysteries in Star Wars. 

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